Life Changes.

Some big changes are coming down the road for me! I’ve left my job in Alabama and am moving back home to be closer to my family. Moving day is in two weeks. I’ll also be starting work on my Master’s degree in Professional Writing.

Lots of other things are changing, too.

One thing I’ve learned over the last six years is that life changes pretty fast. This weekend my family and I realized just how fast.

Friday night my grandfather was admitted to the ER with a lot of fluid in one of his lungs. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and the doctors did a chest x-ray to see what was going on. That night they got him in for a CT Scan and found a fist-sized mass in his lung. We are still waiting on test results to see if it is cancer or something else, but life took a pretty drastic turn for me about 1:00 am on Friday/Saturday.

I know God is in control. I read recently in Psalm 145 that he is kind in all his ways. I’m striving to remember that when I’m tempted to despair.


This blog is not what you think it is.

This is not a blog about cheese. Exit disappointed foodies. More specifically, this is not a blog about cheese-inspired poetry. Exit disillusioned turophiles. 

To be quite honest, I’m not sure what this blog is about. Won’t you join me?