Organizing My Life

School starts on Tuesday (gasp!) and I feel pretty prepared for work, but my personal life needs some dusting up! Today after church I worked on Pinterest-hacking my apartment in order to stay on top of things like cleaning and finances during this school year.

I looked on Pinterest for a good weekly cleaning schedule, but most are designed for moms with lots of kids and lots of laundry! I live by myself in a one-bedroom apartment, so there isn’t a whole lot of deep scrubbing that needs to happen on a weekly basis. I created my own cleaning schedule–a lighter version of some of the ones I found on Pinterest. Here’s hoping I stick to my plan and actually stay on top of things at home!

Other tasks I’ve accomplished today? Binder-clipping my toothpaste to make sure I get every last drop out of the tube, setting up my office for personal finances and writing projects, and dusting off the ceiling fans. (Believe me, nothing is more terrifying…)

Here it is in all its glory:

Cleaning Schedule


I’ve also included a pdf if you want to print it!

Cleaning Schedule


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