Percy Jackson and I have the same fatal flaw. 

You mean you haven’t read the Percy Jackson books? Get with the program, people. Percy Jackson happens to be the demigod protagonist of his very own YAL series. And we’re both loyal to a fault.

Besides being worried about myself that I just drew that comparison, I have recently been worried about the path my career should take. I am growing more certain that I want to move back home to be closer to my family. Whether that move will happen sooner or later remains to be seen. The thing that worries me the most about even considering a career change is leaving behind people who have given me an opportunity or taught me a lesson. I don’t want to abandon them or make them think I am ungrateful. I want them to know that I love and appreciate them. I want them to know that I care and I’m not just gallivanting around doing my own thing 24/7.

Basically, I value loyalty. It’s the reason I don’t change hairdressers.

It’s also somewhat of a dying art. You don’t hear about loyalty that much anymore. But this morning as I was discussing some things with a wise friend of mine, she said, “You shouldn’t have any loyalties to anything other than what God wants you to do.” And I have been thinking about that all day long.

As Christians, I believe that all of our earthly loyalties should spring from our one heavenly loyalty. But where do my loyalties really lie? Because the Bible makes it pretty clear–you can either be on the side of the King of Heaven, or you can be allies with the prince of the power of the air. There’s not really an in-between. I have been so focused on my earthly ties that I let my conviction to follow God’s will alone slide. My wise friend was right; I need to align myself with what God has in store for me–whether that is waiting where I am or starting fresh in a new place. He is the one who should show me where to put down roots and where to pack my bags.

Or, as Steven Curtis Chapman so wonderfully puts it:

Like a child holding on to a promise,
I will cling to His word and believe
As I press on to take hold of that
For which Christ Jesus took hold of me

So I will hold on to the hand of my Savior
And I will hold on with all my might.
I will hold loosely to things that are fleeting
And hold on to Jesus, I will hold on to Jesus for life” 

As I was listening to this song on the way home from work today, the last line of the chorus struck me. I’m not only holding on to Jesus for a lifetime, but I am also holding on to him “for dear life,” as it were. He is my lifeline, and he is the only one to whom I should be loyal. From that relationship I will be able to determine which earthly relationships merit my loyalty and my unswerving support. All of my fleeting loyalties–my job, my finances, my fears, those things should be laid at His feet, not kept in my thoughts. 


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