A Weird Week

This week has been strange, to say the least. Call it Spring fever, Spring forward, the moon, or the weather, but the kids have been CRAZY. So crazy that they justified the use of all capital letters.

But this insane week was not without its rewards. Here they are, in no specific order:

1. I gave up candy for Lent, after much pondering and questioning. (Maybe I’m the crazy one looking at my students without my usual chocolatey haze…) I’m already noticing how much I rely on those empty calories to get me through.

2. I learned about beekeeping. One of my students’ parents keep bees. Naturally, this lead to me asking all kinds of questions. I even borrowed a book from said students. The aptly titled “First Steps in Beekeeping” is sitting in my bag, ready to divulge all kinds of sweet secrets.

3. I had an idea for a book. (A novel idea, not the novel idea I’ve been noodling on since January.)

4. I started writing pieces for the aforementioned book.

So it’s been good, it’s been bad. Sounds like a weird normal week around here.


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